Monday, April 28, 2008

Blue Period

Nothing stirs passionate responses from our beauty-obsessed friends like blue eye shadow – it’s truly a love or hate kind of thing. But if the look triggers a horrific prom flashback, ditch your outdated notions and get ready for a modern twist on the old tried and true. Blue eyes were seen all over the Fall runways, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. The trick is finding the right shade for your personal coloring. Not sure which blue’s your hue? Log in to to find your shade.

Deep. Navy enhances the rich depth of your personal coloring – try an eyeliner or mascara in a deep inky shade. Use a blue-tinged violet as an accent, but be sure not to go above the crease line, as dark colors recede and can make eyes look smaller.

Bright. Vivid blues work best for you. Try a shimmery purple blue on the outer part of the eye and in the crease. Mix with a cool-toned blue for a little contrast. Opt for a nude or toned-down lip so hues don’t compete.

Muted. Look for gray blues and dusty blue-based plums, both of which will play up your eye’s cool undertones. The look is soft and sophisticated for your coloring. Blend well for a smoky evening eye and try a gel liner in a deep navy for a crisp finish.

Light. Your best shades are icy pastels. Sweep a sheer wash of blue-tinged green for all over shimmer. Line the upper lid and outer corner in a soft pale blue for a modern look. Mixing these subtle shades enhance your eye color and make eyes appear larger.

Cool. Luckily you can experiment with all shades of blue. Try mixing a soft periwinkle for day with a smudgy gray blue liner. A richer violet for the evenings is a nice choice because purple based blues make your peepers pop.

Warm. Make teal your shade of choice, its golden-tinged tone is perfect for your warm coloring. If your skin is more olive, try a navy instead. Both make great liner shades. Consider a soft deep greenish blue for lids and blend well for a smoky look.

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aisha said...

im a sucker for electric blue! anything in its color i buy! and im desperately seeking an electric blue handbag! that would just be heaven..