Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bath Body and Beyond

April 14, 2008

Bath, Body and Beyond

A recent bath reno has us crushin’ on new products to prettify a freshly-made-over loo – but they can’t just look pretty on the bath shelf, they have to actually work! These products pull double duty and satisfy our obsession with all things pretty AND functional.

Tiny Bubbles. Girly potions have never been more plentiful, and as verifiable product junkies we couldn’t be more pleased. Hand soaps and body washes are a good way to pamper dry skin. If you have eczema, look for products with glycerin for its emollient benefits. We love discovering new treats in interesting bottles: case in point, the latest from L’Artisan Parfumer. “Jatamansi” comes in a great retro milk glass bottle and is filled with a delirious mix – part soft creamy floral, part herbal-incense.

Oral Report. Unless you’re a child, toothbrush choices are usually limited to snooze-inducing colors and designs…with boring paste to match. But the days of dull dental accessories are over. Look for a set that injects a bit of style to your vanity (both teeth and bath). We like the urban-loft chic of a black-bristles-and-all Paul Smith toothbrush.

Bathing Beauties. If it keeps you warm and dry, then a bathrobe has dutifully lived up to its obligations – but we’re not content to settle for ho-hum when we could upgrade to haute. For a feminine twist on the classic shapeless silhouette, look for fitted cuts; if you appreciate the nostalgia of vintage, go for a nubby chenille number. There are plenty on eBay or your local flea – it’s the perfect touch for a seaside cottage inspired bath.

bath1.jpg Robins Egg Soap Gianna Rose Atelier

bath2.jpg Pangea Organics Egyptian Basil and Mint Shower Gel
Pangea Organics

bath3.jpg Marvis Toothpaste Mint Jasmine Amazon

bath4.jpg Paul Smith Toothbrush Paul Smith

bath5.jpg Victoria’s Secret Terry Hoodie Robe Victoria’s Secret

bath6.jpg Cotton Palace Cashmere/Chenille Microfiber Robe Cotton Palace

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