Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trends Report: Beauty Boo-Boos & Blunders Be Gone!

Mistakes happen, but don’t let a minor beauty boo boo wreck an otherwise pulled-together look. Here are some common offenders and how to handle them with style. Be sure to login daily for new tips and tricks to keep you at the top of your game.

Too much product equals limp, greasy-looking hair. Apply conditioner to the ends and only where damage is most prevalent. This mild tweak will add volume and prolong the time between washings.

Avoid blotchy, uneven skin simply by waiting a few minutes after using moisturizer and before applying your foundation. You can also blot your face gently with a tissue to remove excess product.

Avoid spritzing perfume on your clothing, which doesn’t mix well with fabric fibers. Apply to pulse points and avoid rubbing in, which breaks down a fragrance’s structure and changes its scent.

Over-plucked brows are all-too-common yet easily prevented. Instead of using a magnifying mirror, use a larger mirror, preferably near a window for the best light. Step back every few minutes to check symmetry.

Even the most diligent sunscreen users often forget to apply in overlooked areas like the neck, back of the hands, even lips. These areas are among the first to show signs of aging, so don’t forget them.

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Anna Pope said...

Great tips :)

Down Comforter said...

The content of perfumes really does take a toll on fabric. I used to work in retail where we were required to spritz the dressed forms with cologne. The spritzed clothing seemed as though the fibers were weakened by the repeated exposure. We often had to 'damage' out these items.