Monday, March 3, 2008

Trends Report: Boss Gloss

Life’s big questions: Why are we here? How do we decide what’s right and wrong? Why is Lil Mama’s lip gloss so poppin’?

Because sheer glossy lips are a year-round beauty do, that last question begs further investigation. Take a tip from Lil Mama, when others lip gloss cheap, create a completely unique pout with our guide to fab gloss. Don’t know what color gloss to floss? Log into to find your best shade.

Fab fixer upper. If your go-to lipstick has got up and gone, salvage the last bits with an orange stick and mix it with a dab of Vaseline or Rosebud Salve. Store your handiwork in a small plastic container like a daily pill keeper, which will allow you to keep several shades in one spot.

DIY glam. Create your own gloss with things you probably already have in your cosmetics case. Gather your favorite eye shadow and lipstick or gloss, scrape a bit of the shadow off with a nail file, and blend with a dab of lipstick or gloss. The eye shadow’s mica lends a subtle shimmer and prevents lips that look like you’ve just sucked on a tube of craft glitter, while the texture cuts its goopy consistency and prolongs the wear factor.

Wear it well. Lip-gloss isn’t lipstick, so don’t apply it that way. Start with a small amount of concealer to act as a base and make color pop. Dab gloss on the middle of bottom lip and rub lips together to distribute shine. Make your custom creations last by storing in them in your fridge, and always use a lip brush to apply to prevent germ buildup.

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